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Twenty21 Here I aM !

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If Belfast be the Hidden Gem on the Island of Ireland. And LegenDerry (Derry/Londonderry) be the fresh cut Emerald on this Green and Pleasent land. Then surely a journey along the Causeway Coastal route past the Dark Volcanic Rocks of the Mytical Giants

Finn McCools Pathway (the Giants Causeway) takes you into the future of all that is New Progressive and Highly Educational Along The Marti Way.

As the defining year of the New Decade 2020 fades (with people kinder and more conciderate to the land we live on) the whole planet enters into a period of Flux. The light at the end of the tunnel surely the vaccines now being delivered, to combat the plague that is Covid-19 (Coronavirus) that has caused the current pandemic.

In a year the Earth began to breathe anew and shine a new light to man. And with Sustainabily now top of every visitor or travellers experiences of leasure time . NOW, We have all begun a New journey. For the first time in years we've heard the birds sing, walked on the earth beneath our feet. With an interest in all things to heal (Nature, People and Planet) Join me, an educated Gardener as we walk The Marti Way to share this green and pleasent land, and just enjoy the serene landscapes at peace with the weather that shapes it. Hear of it's first settlers, it's incredable history and how they have helped shape the Provence of Ulster that is full of controversy, yet is inhabited by some of the most interesting and freindly people from all walks of life and from all over the World. Settling here, Now with Peace and Reconcilation its Key Goal.

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