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The Perfect Intro to Belfast.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

 "a 7m high mirror polished stainless steel with internal lighting a laser cut pattern with coloured perspex insets and a life size figure cast in slate resin." by Lucy Glendinning

So your planning a wee visit to Belfast. Whether it's your first time or you've been before. When you discover the City Centre along The Marti Way your sure to find something you've not heard of or seen before. I have a number of expereinces for you to choose from. Which I can tailor to the assembled group.

Discover it's rich history. Admire it's Historic and Modern Architecture. View Scuptures that tell the tails of the Belfast of today and hopes of the people for tomorrow. See the ever changing city centre with it's annual Street Art Festival, and narrow streets and entries filled with emerging bands and solo enterianers, with something for everyone.

Discover gastropubs/bars and resturants tucked away down narrow streets and entries. and other great places to sample the local produce, quirky hard to music venues, and outdoor spaces now filling up with life again, as Belfast begins to emerge for it's longest lockdown of this pandemic era.

You can choose to meet me on a regular small group walking tour or you can opt for a private tour. And if you contact me before hand you can choose a time that suits you for your own bespoke walking tour with subjects of your choosing,

from the tours listed on the website. Under 12s go free.

So have a look through the tours I have on offer. And using my Eclectic, view of the World around me. Book with confidence, your sure to Discover the amazing side of Belfast only a true local can share with you. Once Belfast had the Largest Linen Industry in the World. Built the Largest Luxury Liners of that era, and invented many of the mechanical devices we couldn't do without these days. Today it's discribed by the many who have visited recently as friendly open and welcoming and safe.

A city of the Future, with it's Advanced Engineering, Computor Technology and Movie Industry, to name but a few of the new emerging growth business areas. You'll also get your berrings and see and hear of other things to see and do In Northern Ireland. Enjoying planning your journey here. And hope you'll choose one of my tours to help you discover more.

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