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music street art & pub experience

 Discribed as a fabulous introduction to help you plan the rest of your time, in a fascinating city of the Future. A Pub Crawl it's not, others may call it a Barhop. But on my Experience we will take in some great venues that host live music and share it's musical history from its origins. View some pretty cool Street Art (Including graffiti style art and other, hidden street art gems) And go on a wee dander through the streets of Belfast. And at the same time orientate  you  around the city center. Pointing out other things to see and do. While giving you the rich and sometimes troubled History of Belfast, and Northern Ireland. 
We'll start in St. Annes Square. View sculptures and hear of things to do there (like the Mac) and an array of restaurants. And then we will see Street art by International Artists who descend on Belfast every year. Next we'll discover the birthplace of a new generation of musicians. And as we meander the narrow entries. Hear the history of music from its traditional beginnings to its rock and roll, punk and modern genres. And how they have influenced change in Northern Ireland. From its troubled past, to its modern day peace and hopefulness. Other things to note. Though we'll not stop in all of the pubs we'll pass we will stop in at least one or two, so you can take in the live music, and sample the local atomosphere, and take in a beverage ,if you choose to do so.  You can also return to them later that night or another.  Finishing  In plenty of time for last Trains/Buses. Or for you to return to one or two of the place we passby to sample the atmosphere within. 

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