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Join Me for Tours full of Great 'craic'(fun) 

   Let's go on a Belfast Walking Tour with a difference, of the city where I grew up. And as we go, I'll Paint a Picture of its Past, Present and Future, on a voyage of how it was and how it will be, now the dust has finally settled, in a place full of people just happy to be here.

  Noted for its marvelous Architecture. Renowned for its shipbuilding, and Praised for its attempts to bring Peace to its People. Why not take a look at its rich heritage, through the eyes of a local gardener, with a keen eye for photography .    

   From unforgettable sights to undiscovered corners, there’s just so much to see and explore on my walks in Belfast. Choose from one of my Guided Small Group walking tour/experience of Belfast or Eco Journey to other parts of Northern Ireland. If you have any questions or are ready to book your tour, feel free to get in touch.

UNIQUE Authentic and Original Walking Tours

    You can choose from a selection of tours,           Or I can create a bespoke tour to suit you.

StreetArt, Music And Pub Experience

   Discribed as a fabulous introduction to help you plan the rest of your time here in Belfast, a fascinating city of the Future. A Pub Crawl it's not, others may call it a BarHop. But on this Belfast Pub tour we will take in some great venues that host Live Music and share it's musical history from its traditional origins, to it's Punk Rock era during the troubles and the modern up and coming musicains of today.


View some pretty cool Street Art (Including graffiti style art and other hidden street art gems) and go on a wee dander through the streets of Belfast. And at the same time orientate  you  around the city center. Pointing out other things to do. While giving you the rich and sometimes troubled History of Belfast, and Northern Ireland. 

 We'll start in St. Annes Square. View sculptures and hear of things to do there, like the Mac (Metropolican Arts Center) and a culturally diverse array of resturants.

  And then we will see Street Art by International Artists who descend on Belfast every year. Next we'll discover the birthplace of a new generation of musicians. And as we meander the narrow entries hear the history of music from its traditional beginning to its rock and roll, punk and modern genres. And how they have influenced change in Northern Ireland. From its troubled past, to its modern day peace and hopefulness. Other things to note.


Though we may not stop in many of the pubs we'll pass, I will share what happens within them. So you can return to them later that night or another.  Finishing  In plenty of time for last Trains/Buses depending on your tour start time. Or for you to return to one or two of the place we passby to sample the atmosphere within. 

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Discover #themARTiway

The Bigfish. The Albert Clock. Hands across the Divid

       The Eclectic City Center Belfast Walking Tour

  Is the most popular experience along #theMartiWay. And covers the History, of not only the period known as the Troubles, but also the Architecture, Street Art and People, and everything from it’s Industrial heritage to it’s modern day Hi tech and Advanced Engineering.

   Leaving from Belfast City Hall and ending in the Cathedral Quarter. We'll discover some of the Belfast Buildings along the way that make the city such a beautiful and unique space.

You'll hear of the colourful history that has shaped this part of the Island of Ireland over 4,500 years. We'll also discover some of the famous local Street Art and People and Hear of things invented here. And of other things to do and be entertained by, while your in Northern Ireland.

The Alternative Troubles Walking Tour

      Political Murals, Street Art  and Peace Gate Walking Tour.

  Hear of the origins of the troubles, and see a project called Re-Imaging Murals. Designed to put images both communites see as their identities on their walls.

  Starting with the more modern International Street Art in the Cathedral Quarter. And then dander into West Belfast to see the Political Murals and Re-Imaged streetart Murals, International Wall of Street Art. And pass through the Peace Gate. And return to see and hear how Belfast has moved on from the Troubles.

The Alternative Belfast Troubles Walking Tour

The Alternative Troubles Tour

Read discriptions of all tours under:

a belfast entry

Something Diffferent is being developed within this area, with my Eclectic view of the World around me. To bring you closer to Nature. Designed to lessen the stress of your journey. Keep an eye on this Space. For more about #themARTiway

e~mail: marti@belfastology.com

Signature Belfast Tours 

The Eclectic Belfast city

Center Walking Tour 

Departs; 10.30am, 2pm and 6pm 

From; Outside the Main Gates In front of City Hall 

 Eclectic Belfast

The Political Murals Street Art and Peace Gate Walking Tour

Departs; 10am, 2pm.

From; St. Annes Square

StreetArt Music Pub Experience

Departs; 8pm Mon-Sat

From; St. Annes Square

The Alternative Belfast       Troubles Tour

The Bobby Sands Mural
Street Art image of a local Busker

Other Bookable Tours

Seasonal Family Friendly Belfast City Centre Walk.

 Departs; 4pm

From; the Alice Clock 

Fountain Centre Collage St. Belfast BT1 6ET 

The Bigfish to C.S. Lewis Sq

 Departs;  2pm  and 6pm

From; The Big FIsh Donegall Quay

Enviormently Freindly Tours

The Eco Train Journey 

Depart; 9am Sundays 

From; Belfast Central Train Staion 

The Eco Bus Journey

Departs; 08.15am Sundays

From; Belfast Europa Bus Station 

LET'S GO socialise

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BOOKING in ADVANCE Is advised, as walks are a  Minimum of 02 and a Maximum of 08 persons per tour. Private tours are also available.

 I can combine a Coach Group tour with a walking tour. E~mail for further information. 

For Further Information

Call: 00447552309575


 E~Mail: marti@belfastology.com

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 Peace Day Mural at the Peace Wall

Embrace a Giant Spirit Along the


   BELFASTOLOGY Also Create Unique Events For Corporate, Community, And Visitors To This Part Of The World. Which Are Designed To Bring You Closer To Northern Irelands' People And Places

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