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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Belfastology Walking Tours is evolving along The Marti Way, for both local and visitor to these parts. So that you can do just one walk or as many as time here allows you. All of the Experiences and Tours can be intigrated into three day adventures. To take you to all the places you want to go. From Belfast to Legenderry(Derry/Lononderry) and on to the Giants Causeway. All the while learning about it's Arts, Culture, History, Food and Drink and past, present and future, having turned a corner from its troubled past.

Let the Adventure Begin. We'll take in some pretty amazing Street Art along the way. Off which in Northern Ireland there is a multipal of different types. Like the Political Murals to Sticker Art and Street Art Festivals. Created by both local and International Artists from all over the World.

You'll not only take in the more traditional walking tour about a mutitude of different topics and you can read about them on my website or with my booking agents. And read a multitude of different reviews.

I can tailor and combine any of my prescheduled tours. To take you all over Northern Ireland and beyond. For example once I had a young couple on their honeymoon. Traveling with their parents who came on my Eclectic Belfast WalkingTour. And since they had enjoyed themselves so much. Asked me to acompany them to thier next destination on there whirlwind tour of Ireland. So I took them having discovered their interests to a Game of Thrones location in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on our way to Dublin. And once there gave them a walking tour of it's city center, and went on to dine in a Irish inspired resturant. As they wanted to discover what local food was.

You can choose from any of my pre-scheduled tours or I can tailor and bespoke a tour for you. It's best to book in advance with my booking agent. I'll also be introducing new walking tours that will take you on mindfulness expeirences. That will bring you closer to Irish Nature and its fauna and flora in Northern Ireland. So you not only get to go on experiences in local cities but you get to walk sandy beaches and discover local forest and waterfalls.

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