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Christmas Morning 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

ON Christmas Morning 2020 I awoke to the most amazing Sunrise, and knew I had to go out and celebrate with nature and give thanks for what was a stunning spectacle. So I arose jumped on my walking aid (My Bycicle) and rode off into the Sunrise. And then once I'd reached me destination went for a wee dander with my bike. ( a short romantic stroll ) and as I walked greeted all those I met with the phrase of the day 'Happy Christmas'. Or as it was an Alternative Christmas 'Happy Christmas and A Merry New Decade'.

And it was while I was walking through a wooded area that I got my second suprise of the day. Up ahead perched atop of a rustic fence was a hat that I'd lost a couple of days previously. And thought to myself it was kind of that person to pick it up and leave it there for me. And contimplated on how fortunite I was to live in a city where passers by respected the misfortunes of others, by leaving it there for its rightful owner. I finished my walk and cycled back home.

On arrival there, I went to my Alternative Christmas Tree area, to open a parcel that had arrived for me the previous week. And to my surprise for the third time that morning. Inside. I found. I had been sent a block of wood, with text on. That had been posted to me by my secret Santa. (I guess Since it was addressed to me but didn't say who it was from).

Let's go back to the Future

The Marti Way

And that then is how I came to writing this my first post on this blog. That will be about my travels in Northern Ireland, and what it was like to grow up in a terror torn part of this island I live on. And also what it's like living here today. In a city they call Belfast. So let me take you back to the Future The Marti Way

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