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Your Alternative Tour Guide

Well I'm not your run of the mill 'Tour Guide' who posts lots of photos with those who choose to take one of my Walking Experiences. I do like posting photos, and have made a few videos. And this year hope to take/make and post a few more.

Soon I'll add my Enviormental Policy. And as a gardener, the Earth and all we do to help it is part of my ethos. And hope this year to get involved with more community gardening. In-line with some of Belfast City Councils, Greening the City projects, (like the one million trees project it started a couple of years ago.)

I'm not your prolific 'Blogger' ether, but from time to time I do like to do a bit of a scribble. So today I just wanted to give you a bit of a feel off one of my fairly new experiences, and the weird coincidences that sometimes happen that make you think.

It was just the other day I was taking my 'Street Art Music and Pub Experience' with a small group of participants (All my walking tours have a maxium of 8 persons)

At the beginning of the tour we discover some of the amazing Street Art by international and Local Street Artists, that decend on the city every year to festivals such as the ‘Hit the North’ street art festival (10 years old this year)

And then we went on to discover some of the venues that have live musicaians.

And on this occasion it was a group of traditional artists. A Fiddle player, a Banjo player, Bodhrán player and Guitarist. In a Pub that brews it's own beer on the premises. So my guests got a couple of local beers. the appellee named Monkey Shaving Goat I.P.A one of them. Anyway we got chatting with the musicians and I had asked if they knew the guy who taught me Bodhrán, and to my surprise the lady playing that evening was the guy who taught him. Small World, Ah. We listened to the collective for awhile as my guests enjoyed there beverages. and after we continued on our way. discovering further art and taking in further pubs of all shapes and sizes, as I shared some of the relavence of them to Belfast. And after a couple of hours towards the end of the tour, we meet and I recogniged a guy with his friends. Turned out he was a guy I had taught English as a foriegn Language to about 10 yeas ago from Spain. And I had asked him what he was doing now. And he told me, he was back in Spain Teaching Engish as a foriegn Language. And was visiting with some of his students. Small-World, Ah. To which one of my guests said, 'And you just met a lady who taught the guy who taught you Bodhrán.

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