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Under A Super Strawberry Moon!

The last SuperMoon of the Year, just after the Northern Hemisphere's Summer Solstice for me is set to make the Summer of 2021 the Summer of LoVe; As all of my guests in May where newly weds. Coming out of lockdown and set off on thier travels once again, to everywhere from Canada to South Africa and Japan. While all of my guests in June have been more local (UK and ROI) and more than happy to discover this Islands hidden secret in Belfast. (You'll have to take one of my experiences to discover more). You can now combine my Eclectic Belfast with my Political Murals, Street Art and Peace Gate Walking tours, which is a peace and reconciliation stroll through the past, present and Future of a City full of people just happy to be here. Or just take the Eclectic Belfast wee dander ( a short romanic walk in the local lingo) And discover just how much more there is to this city than the Titanic and the period known as the Troubles. Find out just how much more and how the love for each other, really makes this wee country the best place to live in Europe (Or am I just a byist local? No ofence meant)

I have created a number of other adventures/walking tours, which can be booked as a small group or as your own private tour.

For instance on my Pub Expereince you'll discover some amazing Street Art, Pretty Kool and Quirky Pubs, Clubs and Gastro Bars, While we discover local Music and Hear of Belfasts Exciting Future. And not only that but Show you some of the new Spectacular Resturants and other great places to be Entertianed in on any given evening.

But I don't stop there. You can have your own Bespoke day trip along The Marti Way. Ether by Local Train and Coach, that goes North or South by local Coach. To areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which both have elements of mystery to them. As I am also a qualified Gardener. Who just loves to go Forest Bathing and Grounding, along sandy beaches, and up cliftops. That take in places like, The Giantscausway and Mourne Mountians. And N.Irelands second city Ledgenderry (as I like to call it). Or just take any of my expereinces as a small group tour. Which for me is the new norm. Not set to change anytime soon. We'll even create a little origami as we go. Have a read of some of this years reviews, that my guests have left on lots of different platforms. And join me so we can experience Belfast and Northern Ireland # The Marti Way

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