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The Long and the Short of It.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Well the longest night and the shortest day of it is, we are all looking forward to better days in 2022. While everyone's making the most of the holiday season. Most of us are having to scale back plans. But the good thing is we're in a better place than last Christmas. For a start here in Belfast we have seen the return of the Christmas Market, as well as the ever popular St. Georges Market (a great place to mingle and explore with the locals), pick up a few local gifts and sample great local food too, street style, or I recommend chilling in the Stock Kitchen and Bar which looks down over the market place below.

So much has changed and the city is under reconstruction in so many ways, that you can hear about on my ever growing number of walking tours, and other more adventurous experiences. (like my Railway Journey of the World into Northern Ireland's second city.)

And now that we are a city of UNESCO Music, you might like to experience my Street Art Music, and Pub Experience. Which not only explores the ever increasing amount of Street Art from Artists who decend every year on Belfast to Create incredible expressions of Art at their own festival. And as we do I'll share the past, present and introduce you to the future stars of the Music World, that weren't even heard of before, Covid-19 interrupted and has changed the way we all live today. We'll also discover some of Belfast's oldest and Newest pubs and at times hear some of that Music we are now famous for.

And of course on my Eclectic Belfast Walking Tour you'll hear the incredible story of Belfast, and see some of the best places to visit while you're here. Or if your locals learn lots of information you'd not heard before.

So let's all make the most of what we have, and make plans to visit this very friendly part of the World, all those who have visited recently have said it's the amazing local people that make Northern Ireland such a special place to visit. And I look forward to welcoming you all in 2022. Happy Christmas, and A Peaceful, Healthy 2022 to you all.

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