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The Future of Walking Tour Experiences .

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hello There, as we enter Spring, and it trys to chase off Winter. With Snowdrops now in full bloom, and the early daffodils begin to open. I think of you. I, a dedicated gardener, am planning a little Forest Bathing, which will be a part of a new way of Experiencing Belfast and Northern Ireland. And as a qualified Horticulturist for 2022 plan to take a few of you for a wee dander through a Top 10 Garden of the World.

For the Summer of 2021, (when it's safe to do so) then, I plan an introduction to Shinrin Yoku as part of a Staycation.

And as the World around us continues to administer vaccine to chase off Coronavirus. (We may have to live with the dreaded Covid-19 for some time yet to come). We live in hope that by Summer, we here in this part of the world will have a new degree of near normality, and I hope to continue showing you around, and hope you'll enjoy my Eclectic view of Northern Ireland as we go on Adventures futher along the Marti Way, through the Streets of Belfast and experience first hand what it's like to live here in Northern Ireland today. You'll not only discover the history of this wee part of this Island, but get a real feel of what it was like, how it is, and what it will be like to live here. You'll hear of plans now being put in place to make Belfast a World leader once again,through it's New Industries. And those being revived from the period known as the Industral Age.

I'll share insight into the creative World, and the increasing amount of locally produced food and drinks industry, making a name for itself on the Global stage.

You'll hear of the growing amount of festivals that bring international attention to our shores. For example https://imaginebelfast.com/ I once went to an event to see the USA Activist Camern Perez in 2018.

Also as part of my eclectic style of guiding, you'll hear about the emerging Musical talent that is going to make a name for itself in the near future.

For now the best we can all do is adhere to the resrictions put in place for our own good. Stay home and enjoy nature as it opens into Spring. And Enjoy the many Virtual Festivals till then. The Summer of 2021 is going to be Excilerating.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. —John Burroughs

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