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The Future is Bright

Updated: May 12, 2021

Juat Another 15 floors of Office Space. Being Build in the Harbour Area

For a town built on the banks of the River Farset. The Impact of the continuing pandemic is beginning to show on the streets of Belfast. With empty shops now displaying to let/for sale signage. Yet the city center looks more like a building site. With a 22 story office building currently under construction, and Deloite set to move in once finished. While another recently completed office block, just sold (fully let) for £87million. And on the edge of the now thriving Cathedral Quarter, the University of Ulster continues to develop it's new £250 million campus. Which will bring a further 15,000 students and staff to the area. And so the story of the city of Belfast continues to reinvent itself, after its recent troubles. And 20 years on from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement(and a few more since then) Northern ireland continues to emerge as a playground for the rich and famous. And I never know whos gonna show up on my walking tours. You'll notice I'm not the one to post too many photos with my customers/guests in. I think with all the face recognition and AIs around Privacy is something I respect, of those who choose to join me, to discover and learn about this facinating wee part of Europe, that has created and will continue to lead the way with it's new industries.

From the Belfast humble beginnings, built on the mouth of Belfast Lough connecting to the Irish Sea. The port that grew into the Largest Linen Industry in the World. Building the Largest Luxury Ships of the early 20th Century. (The practically unsinkable RMS Titanic, one of those of course). Today sends a message of Peace and Reconcilation out into the World. With settlers from all over the planet settling here now to raise families in Peace and Harmony with the land. Once know as Land of Saints and Scholars. And with the new settlers, they bring the skills and diversity to grow a more ethnically diverse and culturally inclusive space for all.

Continuing on from the success of the series Game of Thrones and the locally popular drama series Line of Duty. Northern Irelands Film industry continues to grow. With the movie Dungeons and Dragons set to be made here.

Animation and Cyber Security are also two areas of global significince, Northern ireland are now known for, and so the list of emerging tech industries continues. To make Belfast an exciting place to visit. With so much for visitors to see and do. And my guests are always surprised just how much there is here. If this be the year of staycation, when the locals begin to findout about their own neighbourhood. The future should bring, more slowcation. With visitors staying longer to findout more and just enjoy the beauty and serenity to be found here.

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