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Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands, Keep Your Distance

So this month my blog post is fashionably late . What with the 12th of July Celebrations (now known as the Orange fest.) And the Marching Bands staying in their local areas this year, and the now developing Ping Pandemic. Hence the title. I've been preoccupied with my Peace and Reconciliation Walking Tour, while other local tour guides continue with their variations of my Eclectic Belfast Small Group Walking Tour. I guess you could say local tour guides are one big happy family inspiring each other to share the History of Belfast in our own unique ways. The start of the month of July began with the relaxing of some more restrictions due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. With the hope that the larger number of vaccinated people will help in the fight against Hospitalisation of those infected. We'll have to wait and see. So far it has caused a Pingdemic, which is those who have come in close contact with an infected person, having to isolate themselves. Spurred on by the App. that alerts you. And because of the ongoing situation I am happy to share my Peace and Reconciliation Walking Tour with more local people, which is called Political Murals, Street Art and Peace Gate. So I guess you could say the Staycation is well and truly underway. With a sense of normality returning to Belfast city centre. Localised Cruise Ships are docking again, local people have been enjoying a higher than normal number of hot sunny days. With record temperatures being recorded in places like Ballywatticock and Castledurg, but thankfully Armagh(prononced Our Ma)came to the rescue with the highest temperature ever recorded of 31.4C in Northern Ireland (We had quite the Social Media bit of Craic with the Ballywatticock) Which all came to an end with widespread flooding throughout the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. And lead to one of my favorite group walking tours this year enjoying my version of the troubles through Streetart. As the Heavens above us emptied around us. In my mind I was singing Let Me Entertain You, while the Claps of thunder and Flashes of Lightning reminded us all of how good it was to be alive and healthy. My assembled group were 4 work colleagues from different parts of the Island, and a couple from the United States (now restrictions had been lifted to those that had been double jabbed). I gave them the outline of what we'd do and a description of the Street Art we'd see and a background to the period now known as the Troubles on our walking tour. And during my explanation of how Belfast is now coping with its daily life at the mention of certain historical figures we'd get a clatter of Thunder. You couldn't have scripted the conversation. Not that I do that anyway, as I like to bespoke all of my tours to the assembled groups. Anyway as the ThunderStorm subsidied we decided to set off into the West of the city. And as we passed the Belfast Cathedral it continued to rain upon us heavily. When suddenly a well dressed guy came running out of his office with an Umbrella and gave it to one of my guests. I thought to myself 'Now that is the Spirit of the Local People'. And the city we are now growing. Uplifted by this we continued, because the show must go on. Most people who have come to visit Belfast have pre booked the things they'd like to see and do, so if I see there is a will to continue with an experience I won't let my guests down. And judging by the reviews I got, with titles like 'Great Walking Tour with a lot of local knowledge and a passion for his city' and words like whimsical, I am reassured that my guests have enjoyed their experience with me. And by the time we all got back into the city center again we were well and truly drenched but happy to have enjoyed our time together despite the weather. Thankfully the weather has settled down a bit now. And we all realise we have to change our ways of living on our planet, if we are to save it. For future generations. If you're thinking of visiting Belfast have a look through the different mainly walking tours that I take. Though I do take small groups on a Railway Journey of the World, into Legenderry and back. Now that's a story for another time.

Live long, enjoy your travels and I look forward to meeting you all. Keep Calm, Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands and Keep your Distance.

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