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Stay Safe, Staycation and Stay Green

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Happy Chinese New year (Spring Festival) of the Ox. Spring has well and truly Sprung. At this time of year lots of overseas visitors are arriving to join the celebration for the man who brought Christianity (St. Patrick) to this Island in the 5th Century. But it was this time last year that my guests started telling me they would have to change their plans. As they where being advised to return to their homelands. And on the 20th of March my last guests, a young fella enjoying a round the World trip from China, and two young lady nurses from Edinburgh where to be my last customers before Northern Ireland went into it's first lockdown. Eventually opening up again albeit just for a couple of months, before going on a journey back into lockdown again by Boxing day (26th of December)

And as the World now rolls out a vaccine to combat Coronavirus.( Covid-19) The past year has given us all plenty of time to work on our home lives. With the New word for travel now Staycation. So we are all hoping to be able to explore the area closer to home this year. With the hope that the new normal will allow us to all travel further next year.

The World will still turn Green this year for St. Patricks Day, but there will be none of the usual parades or visitors from afar. Tourism Irelands Global Greening will be online with lots more buildings in more than 50 countries all over the World turning green https://www.tourismireland.com/Press-Releases/2021/March/Tourism-Ireland-announces-Global-Greening-line-1 . And I for one would love to see the view from space.

And with so many virtual events instead sharing what its like to experience and Embrace a Giant Spirit of Northern Ireland. Showcasing what you'll be able to expereince once the time is right. I look forward to sharing some of my insight on what it's like to live in Belfast/Northern Ireland on one of my expereinces which I can tailor to your interests.

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