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Eclectic Belfast Walking Tour (Small Group)

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

It was 2015 when I decided to transform my guided Walking Tours of Belfast City Center into more creative Wee Danders (as we say around here) and experiences to share with visitors and locals more insights about Belfast and Northern Ireland not offered by other tour operators. And so far 3 other companies have joined me at 10 am to share information and show you the sights as we discover the city center. As the Original walking tour of this type, My Eclelctic look at Belfast and it's Past, Present and Future not only gives you the background to the period known as 'the troubles' but delves into the birth of not only the City but where the early settlers came from. And how those early tribes shaped the Island of Ireland. WIth some of my guests informing me they have chosen my walking tour because it not only covers the troubles but so much more. History, Architecture, Street Art, People, Culture and share information on some of the great Gastro Bars and Resturants that have sprung up (passing some as we discover the city center) and to visit after our time together, and also the amount of other things I shared with them to go see or do, some of which is Free afterwards. Having read reviews from different platforms.

We start the Eclectic Belfast City Center Walking Tour just outside the grounds of Belfast City Hall and after hearing the introduction we take off on a wirlwind tour to see and hear of a city that has given birth to not only the ill-fated

HMS Titanic. (The Largest and most Luxuriuos Cruise Ship ever built at that time).

And as we go for a wee dander (a short romantic stroll) through the city I grew up in, on a voyage of discovery, I paint that picture off its past, present and future. Noted for it's marvelous architecture, renowned for it's shipbuilding, and praised for it's attempts to bring peace to it's people. As the dust finally settles, why not take a look at that rich heritage through the eyes of a local gardener.

A City built on the mouths of 4 small rivers, that flow into Belfast Lough, we pass along the only one we can walk today, the River Lagan. Having passed through the Linen Quarter, and Markets area of Belfast. As we reach The Beacon of Hope Sculpture. You'll hear of her birth, and the local pet names she has been given. We then turn away from the River Lagan, and into the former town of Belfast discovering more fasinating architecture and history and view some of the street art that tells that story, especailly when we reach the narrow entries where belfast was born and bred. Strowl by the Spirit of Belfast and down High St. Too hear more of the history we can and can't see today.

It's when we reach the Cathedral Quarter (having passed the Albert Memorial Clock. That we'll enter Belfasts equavalent of, Dublins Temple Bar. With it's many Gastro Bars and Quality Resturants. Many of which have live music in the evenings. And where you'll hear of the past, present and future of the Music Industry and how Peace and Reconcilation is key to the areas success. And then as we reach the Belfast Cathedral you'll hear of it's development and of the redevelopment now taking place in the surrounding area. Finishing our Wee Dander in St. Annes Sq, by The Mac (Metrpolitan Arts Centre) This then is just one of my many small groups tours that will take you all over Northern Ireland.

And can be bespoke/tailored as Private or Open tours, to suit you from 2 hour experiences to 3 day adventures.

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