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Have A Spooktacular Halloween

As the Celtic tradition gears up to celebrate the festival of the Samhain. When ancestors walk among the living for one night, as the year passes into Winter. And the World gears up to meet at COP26 in Glasgow, to hopefully help the Planet begin to recover from the Climate Change.

Life in Belfast begins to fully reopen to celebrate all, while tentatively Northern Ireland recovers from the dreaded Covid19. And for the first time since before the pandemic Derry/Londondery (or as some now call it Legenderry) gears up to hold the biggest Halloween festival in Europe.

It would seem the whole World wants to begin a new Journey with renewed and even more vigor to travel and experience adventures in Northern Ireland.

My experiences have been discovered by visitors from Katar, Bahrain and even Taiwan and finally the tourism industry here has begun a new journey to share all that is unique about this part of the Island.

My little bit of everything or eclectic view of the world around me remains popular with visitors and locals discovering not only the History, Streetart, Architecture and famous people from here. But also discovering all the new places to listen to live music, dine and even see things in a different way on my local walking tours. And even on my eco experiences do the locals/visitors discover places they have not been to before.

And as we head into Winter, I hear that Christmas is coming and preparations have already begun. So hope to catch you somewhere along #themartiway

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