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Happy New Year of the Tiger

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Yeah so we get a second chance of it. The Chinese New Year. Gives us a second bit(in the Year of the Tiger) And out of all the Walks in Belfast undertaken by Belfastology Walking Tours along #themartiway it's the Eclectic City Center Walking Tour. That is not only an introduction to it's troublesome yet inspiring History, an introducing to the Belfast and Northern Ireland of today. You'll hear and see what makes the city tick. As your guide shows you great places to be entertained in while your in town, the best places to find Street Art, listen to live local music, including the buskers. And of course great places to find quality local food for all budgets. Hear of the festival that's happening while your here. As there's sure to be one. (I heard it said once that Belfast wants to be known for its large veriety of festivals.) And of course your guide will orientate you around the city, giving you things to see and do that you'd maybe not have heard of before.

The Eclectic Belfast Walking Tour has now also been combined with the Political Mural, Street Art and Peace Gate Walking Tour too create the Combined Eclectic Belfast and Political Murals Walking Tour. For those who want to explore and understand the period known as the Troubles, you'll hear how Belfast has moved on from that period and today looks forward to a very bright future, full of people from all over the World who have now setteld here. Some of which just came to visit relatives. And feel in Love with the City we all here know so well. A city full of green spaces, with a very big sense of community now becoming known for the freindliness of it's people.

After nearly 40 years of troubles and strife. Northern Ireland is finally beginning to set Sail once again. If you put together the facts that the Irish are said to be some of the most welcoming, and the people of N. Ireland the friendliest in the U.K. You can begin to see the appeal our great wee corner of this infamous little Island has for the growing number of visitors now landing on our shores.

Year after year more and more festivals spring up all over the 6 counties, with Belfast it's flagship winning a endless amount of awards for it's service and quality for both locals and visitors to her inner space.

Since the launch of the Titanic Belfast Visitor Centre in memory of the ill fated ship Titanic that set sail from her birthplace over a hundred years ago. Setting sail again once more in 2012. Belfast has become the centre of attention not only for Tourism, but now businesses from all over the World are queuing up to open their doors here, and with festivals running throughout the year it's not hard to see why.

With the likes of the Festival of Fools (run by the Belfast circus school) showcasing some of the Belfast ever emerging talent together with the best Street Circus Acts from all over the world.

And the Oh Yeah Centre showcasing the best of N.Irelands music scene with the biggest stars now commonly on the concert scene.

And the likes of the 2011 MTV music awards held here in the Odyssey Arena (Home of the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey team). Not forgetting the Belfast/Nashville Song Writers Convention. And the fact that Belfast is now a Unesco City of Music.

Off the back of the Giro d'Italia Stage 1 in 2014. The Tallships Big Start Round the World race was held here in July of 2015. The same year the Belfast Bikes (a public bicycle rental scheme) Connecting to cycle routes that go all over N.Ireland to the great beyond and vice versa. And if you've not heard of Sustains they are just one of the many communities helping us get back to a greener and healthier World around us.

With the whole city now under redevelopment exciting times indeed are set to visit us. Who knows maybe we'll even have the Tour de France or the Americas Cup and many more Global events wanting to Visit us soon.

For sure N.Ireland and it's people can begin to be proud of the strides its people now take to build a more harmonies place to live in. With many of it's inhabitants actively involved in re - addressing the harm done to the Environment. Year on year our schools, Colleges and Universities gain the best results by students in the U.K and Internationally. Globally adding to top research in many fields.

Exciting times lie ahead with an exciting Year of the Tiger, which this year is on the 1st of february, the first day of Spring here in Ireland. And also Saint Brigid's fest day, which she shares with the Goddess Brigid from Irish mythology Also kown as the Imbolc or Imbolg festival.

And with reviews starting to roll in about the quality of the restaurants here now said to be equal to the likes of resturants in Sydney, Tokyo, New York and London .

And an ever increasing amount of interest in film locations following the success of The game of Thrones.

Surely no visit to Ireland would exclude Belfast or the rest N.Ireland with many places still to be Discovered. And now said to be one of the safest places on the planet.

Street Art By Friz

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