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BELFAST International Peace Day (September 21st)

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

BELFAST International Peace Day (September 21st)

On the Belfast Political Murals, Street Art, and Peace Gate Walking Tour, we pass along the International Wall. And view the International Peace Day Mural. As we walk between the Shankhill Rd in West Belfast. Head up the Falls Rd to the now famous Peace Wall. And then view the

Bobby Sands Mural as we descend back again into the city centre.

And as the World around us begins to recover form the Covid-19 Pandemic, and we struggle to come to terms with the conflict all around us today. Price rises begin to bit just as the the travel industry begins to open up again. But travellers are on the move again. Ten Years after the opening of the Titanic Belfast center, which has had 6.5 millon visitors to date, Northern Ireland begins to set sail on another journey of discovery as International guests begin to set foot on these shores.

Belfast and Northern Ireland has totally changed since 2012 and looks forward to a very bright future, for all who now call this land their home. A New Spring has dawned, St. Patricks Day has passed us by already, as Easter aprroaches. The message this year was to push the green button and come visit the Emerald isle . And April is set to be even busier that it was in 2019. As the number of flights into Northern Ireland begins to rise.

The warmer weather is on its way, and if delayed your sure to enjoy a warm welcome from the poeple of these parts. said to be some of the freindliest about.

And now that Belfast is a UNESCO City of Music you can enjoy an amazing number of venues with live music, take in the local buskers or attend one of the many outdoor live concerts this coming year.

And as for Belfastology Walking tours , well they are sure to keep you informed and and help you discover all things N.I and Belfast. Seen through the eyes of a local, as you travel further along #themARTiway

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