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Meet infront of Belfast Cityhall  for Eclectic Belfast City Walking Tour

Eclectic Belfast City Center Walking Tour Description and Availablity.

Street Art near the International Wall near  the  Peace Wall in Belfast

Belfast Political Mural Street Art and Peace Gate Description and Availability 

A Political Mural as part of the Belfastology Troubles Walking Tour

Music, Street Art and Pub experience availability and discription

the mussenden temple

Seasonal family Belfast city center   discription and availablity

The Big FIsh

Bigfish to C.S Lewis square discription and availablity


 Eco Train Experience discription and availability

An Area of outstanding natual Beauty

 Eco Coach Journey discription and availability


  Discover Belfast in a sustainable and eco friendly way. Hear of the Belfast humble beginnings,  its troubled past. Yet rise to be a global leader in its own right. You can choose from a slection of tours or I can bespoke them to suit the assembled group. Let me take you on a wee dander (as we say around here) through the city I grew up in, and as we go on a voyage of discovery, I'll paint a picture off its past, present and future.
Noted for it's marvelous architecture, renowned for it's shipbuilding, and praised for it's attempts to bring peace to it's people.
As the dust finally settles, why not take a look at it's rich heritage through the eyes of a local gardener, or take one of our half day trips by local bus to a seal colony and Norman Castle Ruin. No more than an hour away form the city center. Or take the Eco Train Journey Walk a long sandy beach, and jump on the train again for a railway journey of the world into Northern Irelands second city Legenderry.  If you’re interested in enhancing your next trip with an exciting and engaging tour guide, look no further. Check out my current tours and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about what I offer.

Read Discriptions of all Tours Under 

Signature Tours 

The Eclectic City Centre 

Walking Tour 

Departs; 10am, 2pm and 6pm Daily

From; Outside the Main Gates 

In front of City Hall 

The Political Murals Street Art and Peace Gate Walking Tour

Departs; 10am, 2pm.

Daily From; St. Annes Square


StreetArt Music Pub Experience 

Departs; 8pm Mon-Sat &

5pm Thurs,Fri&Sat.

1pm Sunday.

From; St. Annes Square

The Alternative Troubles Tour

Other Bookable Tours

Seasonal Family Friendly Belfast

City Centre Walk.

Departs; 4pm

From; the Alice Clock 

Fountain Centre Collage St. Belfast BT1 6ET 


THe BIgfish to C.S.Lewis Sq

Departs;  2pm and 6pm Daily

From; The Big FIsh Donegall Quay

The Eco Train Journey 

Departs; 9am Sundays 

From; Lanyon Place Train Staion 

The Eco Bus Journey

Departs; 08.15am Sundays 

From; Belfast Europa Bus Station 

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  • Belfastology Walking Tours
  • Belfastology Walking Tours
  • Belfastology Walking Tours

For Further Information

Call: 00447552309575 OR  E~Mail:   marti@belfastology.com

From unforgettable sights to undiscovered corners, there’s just so much to see and explore. Choose from one of my tours or opt for a guided group tour. If you have any questions or are ready to book your tour, feel free to book in advance or get in touch. for your own private experience.

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