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City Hall, Donegall Place, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tours Full Of Great 'Craic' (Fun)

Belfastology Walking Tours Offer Tours And Sightseeing In Belfast

Major Tours And Sightseeing

Belfast city hall

Eclectic Belfast City Centre Walking Tour

Immerse yourself in the diverse landmarks of Belfast's city centre, exploring historic milestones, hidden gems, and local markets on a walking tour like no other.

Mural at the peace gates

Belfast Political Mural Street Art And Peace Gate

Revel in the powerful story behind Belfast's political murals, witness the vibrant street art, and experience the symbolic Peace Gate, delving into the city's complex history and journey towards reconciliation.

Belfast Strett Art

Music And Street Art Experience

Let the rhythm of Belfast's streets guide you through a unique experience where music and street art converge to create a harmonious blend of cultural expression and urban creativity.

Statue of Harmony ( Nula with the Hula )

Discover Life Along #themARTiway

old Belfast map

Welcome to Belfastology Walking Tours, where I invite you to join me on an immersive journey through the tours and sightseeing. As a native guide deeply connected to this city, I offer a Belfast Walking Tour, providing a unique perspective on the city's past, present, and future. With a passion for storytelling and capturing memorable moments through photography, I'll reveal Belfast's rich history and enviable reputation, from its remarkable architecture to its renowned shipbuilding legacy.

Whether you're drawn to music or art or want to explore the city's diverse attractions, my specialised tours provide an authentic glimpse into Belfast's culture. With extensive knowledge and a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, I ensure every interaction has a personal touch.

Ready to explore? I'm here to answer any questions and help you book your tour. Let us journey together through the captivating streets of Belfast. You can explore the city by scrolling through my blogs.

About Me

Your Tour Guide - 

In 2007, after globetrotting adventures, I returned to my roots and trained as a local guide. From leading guests on walking tours from an International Youth Hostel in the city centre of Belfast, my passion for sharing the stories of this remarkable city grew.


In 2011, I officially started conducting Walking Tours, extending my exploration beyond Belfast to embrace the beauty of Northern Ireland. The evolution continued in 2015 when I transformed my business into Belfastology Walking Tours. This shift marked a commitment to providing a tour and a captivating experience, capturing the essence of Belfast's past, present, and future.


This journey goes beyond sightseeing to create lasting memories of this extraordinary corner of the world. While competitors have grown in numbers, I'm determined to reshape my online presence to better connect with customers. The recently launched music tour is my pride and joy, setting me apart meaningfully.


Join me today!

eco coach journey
eco coach journey

Environmental Policy

green tourism logo

Belfastology Walking Tours are the perfect example of one way to reduce your carbon footprint and strive to reduce the effects of climate change. We use the local zero emissions public transport when needed. All printed materials encourage you to reuse them and are printed on sustainable paper.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. And we all need to do what we can to help Mother Nature. 

Guides’ Code of Conduct:

  • To maintain a professional, positive and respectful attitude in all communications with the assembled group, local people and businesses.

  • Maintain a strong leadership role and model correct behaviours in regard to the environment and local culture.

  • We educate and encourage environmental awareness with our guests.

  • Guides are ambassadors for the regions, culture and customs.

  • Promote “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” wherever possible.

  • Encourage guests to use stainless steel or plastic re-useable water bottles to promote eco hydration.

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Client Testimonials

My wife and I arranged a street art walking tour with Marti, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking an authentic Belfast experience with a local touch. As it was our honeymoon, Marti graciously extended the tour by a few hours, allowing us to engage ourselves in the city thoroughly. Hailing from the artist community, Marti possesses an in-depth knowledge of his craft and is genuinely entertaining. Booking with him is a decision you won't regret!

Belfastology Walking Tours Presents Exceptional Tours Of Belfast City. Call 07552 309575 For Tours And Sightseeing.

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