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combined eclectic belfast & political Murals walking tour 

the Bobby Sands Mural

Gain a more in-depth view of the history of Belfast and Northern Ireland. And comprehensive overview of the period known as the troubles.
Discover how Belfast became an industrial giant. Off things invented hear and see and hear of many of the famous People and Buildings here See Sculpures and Street art by internationally famous Artists. In the city centre. Get recommendations of things to see and do while in Belfast. 
After Lunch we'll meander into the west of the city Up the Shankhill and Down the Falls roads. Viewing and hearing through the Political Murals, More Modern Street art and a project called Re-imaging Murals. How Northern Ireland is building on it's Good Friday agreement. We''ll pass through the Peace Gate, with its International Day of Peace Mural Created by both sides in the conflict and see the now famous Peace Wall that separates communities. See the Bobby Sands Mural. And as we pass the International Wall, View the many different aspects of life this controversial art portrays as we descend into the city center again.

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