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Green Tourism Logo

  Belfastology Walking tours are the perfect example off a way of reducing your carbon foot print. And strive to reduce the effects of climate change. We use the local zero emissions public transport when needed. All printed materials encourge the re-use of them and will be printed on sustainable paper. 

CLIMITE CHANGE IS REAL. And we all need to do what we can to Help Mother Nature. 



Guides Code of Conduct. 

  • To maintain a professional, positive and respectful attitude in all communications with the assembled group, local people and businesses.

  • Maintain a strong leadership role and model correct behaviours in regards to the environment and local culture.

  • We educate and encourage environmental awareness with our guests.

  • Guides are ambassadors for the regions, culture and customs.

  • And promote Reduce,Re-use and Recycle wherever possible.

  • Encourage guest to use stainless steel or plastic re-useable water bottles to promote eco hydration. 

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